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About Me

My name is Baiba Koopa. I am originally from Latvia. Living, studying and taking life adventures in Denmark for more than three years. Studying Multimedia Design and Communication in EAL, Odense and currently looking for a part-time job. Passionate about minimalistic design and simplicity. I have a diverse skills that allow me to work in multiple areas. I am a hard worker with high ambitions, always emproving my skills to get better.

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Including web design and graphic design. Branding, creating visual identity, logo design, wireframes, mockups, posters, flyers.I like to play with typography and colors to create beautiful things.


Capable to work with verbal communication, written communication, social media and its marketing, human resources. Good team-player who likes to talk and work with other people.

Front end development

Coding in HTML and CSS. Continuing to learn JavaScript, jQuery,PHP and database usage. Capable to create WordPress themes.


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